Our New Office


It has been a few months since we opened our new office in Parksville, British Columbia, and we are finally feeling settled.

Our Head Office also moved from Brighton, Ontario, to Cobourg, as we outgrew the space this year, when we expanded our Egg Donor program to Four Full time staff.  The new Cobourg office is just 5 minutes from the VIA station making the Toronto commute doable for our staff as they go into the city to attend appts with Donors and Surrogates.

In Parksville, I am working with my wife who heads up our Surrogacy program, CFC, and Sarrie our Donor program assistant.  We are loving our space, but as we are also growing, hoping to add a new team member by Summer, we will definitely be looking for new space here also.

All of this moving has been exciting.  I want to ensure that all of our clients know that we will continue to do our best to take care of them, and that when they call our Head Office, they can reach any of us, anywhere, whether calling for our Surrogate Support worker Angie, in London, Leia and myself here in Parksville, or Stephanie in Cobourg.  Our automated phone system will direct you to any of our Staff.   For more information on our new locations, or to book a consultation with our Surrogacy, or Egg Donation programs, please contact us through our website, www.fertilityconsultants.ca, OR by calling our office at 613.439.8701

Warm Regards, Scott

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