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Egg Bank Canada

Egg Bank Canada is seeking outstanding women who are want to help fulfill dreams through egg donation.

Our prospective parents come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a common goal: the desire to start a family. With this family aspiration in mind, they seek egg donors who embody qualities such as compassion, creativity, determination, and education.

Ideal egg donors are healthy women aged 19 to 32, non-smokers, capable of sharing personal and medical details along with family health history. Those who choose to donate experience immense satisfaction from their invaluable contribution to helping build a family.

To be an Egg Donor

  • Age requirement: 19 to 32 years old
  • Physical health: Must be in good health and maintain a healthy weight
  • Lifestyle: Non-smoker and abstains from recreational drug use
  • Genetic history: No personal or family background of genetic disorders like bipolar disorder, epilepsy, or schizophrenia
  • Medical screening: Willingness to undergo thorough medical assessment, including a physical examination and blood tests
  • Administration of medications: Willingness to self-administer injectable medications
  • Commitment: Fully dedicated to the egg donation process
  • Diversity: Applicants from various social and cultural backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to apply

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